Popcorn Removal

This is our specialty. We literally have this down to a science, again making no dust or mess. Every step we do is key to making a perfect job and we stick to it. To us prep is the most important on every job. We first start the process by laying plastic on floor and hanging on walls and furniture. They are sealed together having no openings. We then apply water to the ceiling using a tool that controls the amount of water that comes out. This is what loosens the glue and prevents dust. The popcorn/acoustic ceiling is then scraped off with a tool that catches 99% of it. That is the easiest part of the job. The hardest part is about to begin. We then fully detail the ceiling making it clean. Adding screws to the entire ceiling and replacing tape prevents future problems and we do it every time. Now the ceiling is ready to be first coated. All nails and bad tape joints get this. After dry, which takes roughly an hour, the second coat is applied. This is necessary for a flat and smooth ceiling. Finally we texture the ceiling(s) to match the existing walls. We recommend this so it looks original and uniform. We can also do any other texture upon request. Now you are set and your ceilings are updated and look cleaner.